Sam Glaser EasyCareEasyCare Inc. announced Monday that it has hired Sam Glaser as its chief executive officer.

“Sam is a leader with a track record of leading teams that create measurable bottom line growth,” says Garrett Ford, EasyCare president and owner. “We are thrilled to bring Sam into the EasyCare family as we continue to position this company as the global pioneer in innovative equine products.”

Glaser recently received his executive MBA from the University of Denver, Daniels College of Business, and joins the EasyCare team after 15 years of experience in diverse leadership roles within the oil and gas, publishing and outdoor service industries. In his most recent role, Glaser served as director of operations for Abadie|Schill, PC, an energy law firm that practices in 14 states.

“Over the past 46 years, the leadership at EasyCare has proven over and over again that they value innovation in the global marketplace and are committed to creating a company culture that sets them apart from their competitors,” Glaser says. “I am absolutely honored to contribute my experience and energy to this great company as we fuse EasyCare’s commitment to customer service and product development with my passion for developing and working alongside exceptional employees.”

The addition provides a number of advantages for EasyCare, Ford says.

“Sam will personally give me the ability to focus more on new product development,” he says. “We have several very exciting hoof protection products in the works and new product development needs to continue to be a main focus. Sam brings a great skill set that will help EasyCare continue to put an emphasis on our team, systems and logistics.”