Backed by clinical studies, a new wound care product called Theracyn is proven to be a safe, highly effective first-aid treatment for many different species of animals, according to a press release from Manna Pro Products.

Theracyn is powered by the original Microcyn Technology, which has treated more than 10 million patients, both human and animal. In fact, Theracyn was proven through in vitro testing to inhibit harmful bacteria by 99.9999%. Unlike other treatments, this new product line from Manna Pro has been proven to be safe for use on animals and safe for people to apply.

Theracyn is a convenient cleanser and wound dressing that cleans cuts, sores, lacerations and skin irritations. It helps promote natural healing, and doesn’t sting or burn when applied.

“We call Theracyn ‘professional care in the palm of your hand’ because it is highly effective wound care that can be purchased over the counter,” says Carolyn Adams, Senior Brand Manager at Manna Pro. “And, it’s easy to use — just one step unlike other treatment regimens.” 

Adams adds that Theracyn is a much more affordable option than other wound care products.

“You won’t break the bank when you are managing an injured animal such as a horse,” she says.   “With the high expenses of horse ownership it is good to know there is a wound care product that gets you the professional results you want but is affordable.”

Manna Pro retailers across the country will be offering free samples to shoppers this winter and spring so people can see the results for themselves. Theracyn is available in a spray form for cleansing and debriding wounds, with a hydrogel that provides a protective barrier. The product line also includes an ophthalmic gel for horses and pets, an ear/eye wash for horses and pets, and a pink eye spray for cattle and horses. 

The complete Theracyn product line is featured on the Manna Pro website at Consumers can also access stories from users who have shared their experience on how Theracyn has helped their animals.

Consumers can find a store locator for Manna Pro products at

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