Leftfield Entertainment is casting for the hit show Forged In Fire on the History Channel.

“We’re searching nationwide for charismatic bladesmiths, armourers and knife makers looking to showcase their skills on a national level,” according to an email attributed to Natalie Sgro, a casting producer for the shoe. “This series focuses on experts that pride themselves on producing the best blades in the world, whether they be historical or modern, large or small. Participants will be given the opportunity to showcase their talents for a chance to win a substantial cash prize.”

Farriers have fared well in season three of the show with Oakdale, Calif., farrier Kelly Vermeer Vella and Hall Of Fame farrier Shayne Carter of West Mountain, Utah, both winning $10,000 for emerging as champions of episodes 4 and 3, respectively.

For more information or to speak with a casting producer, email Sgro at natalie.sgro@leftfieldpictures.com.

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