A trio of horse organizations are launching National Equine Veterinarian Week, beginning today.

SmartPak, Henry Schein Animal Health and the Northeast Association of Equine Practitioners have partnered to recognize equine veterinarians from Sept. 18 to 24 to “show appreciation for the hard-working horse docs who keep horses happy and healthy,” according to SmartPak’s website.

“The equine veterinarian is the cornerstone of every horse’s health care program,” Lydia Gray, SmartPak’s staff veterinarian and medical director, said in a news release. “These veterinarians work tirelessly, sometimes day and night, to make sure the horses under their care thrive, and we think it’s time to give these devoted professionals the recognition they’ve earned.”

It’s the relationship between the equine veterinarian, the client and the patient that is of paramount importance, says Fran Dirksmeir, president of Henry Schein Animal Health.

“For so many us, horses are family, and so we trust their care to the health care professionals who have dedicated their lives to these incredible animals,” Dirksmeier says. “Henry Schein Animal Health is pleased to support National Equine Veterinarian Week in recognition of the expert care that equine veterinarians provide to ensure that our horses live long, healthy, and happy lives.”

National Equine Veterinarian Week will be recognized the third full week of each September “to celebrate the dedication of equine veterinarians and to raise awareness of their role in keeping horses healthy and happy.”

It will be recognized for the first time at the annual NEAEP symposium, which will take place from Sept. 21 to 24 in Niagara Falls, N.Y.

“We are excited to team up with SmartPak and Henry Schein Animal Health to bring National Equine Veterinarian Week to life,” says equine veterinarian Hollie Stillwell, president of the NEAEP. “I’m a firm believer that this is the right blend of organizations to bring a long overdue recognition to such a deserving group.”

Throughout the week, SmartPak will be showcasing stories, photos and video submissions on social media from horse owners, barn managers, trainers and others who wished to recognize their equine vet.

SmartPak is an educational partner of International Hoof-Care Summit. American Farriers Journal is an educational parter of the NEAEP Symposium.