Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Business

Pictured Above: Seeking continuing education opportunities is critical to the growth of your practice. It not only will expand your knowledge, but can help avoid burnout N

Attrition rate is a business management term that’s used to describe the loss of business, product or employees. Companies do not want to see a high attrition rate.

When there’s a high attrition rate, it means there are mistakes happening in the company’s production of the product and the customer satisfaction is not being met, and/or the morale of the employees is low and they are seeking jobs elsewhere. A critical and constructive analysis is needed to seek out the reasons for the loss of business and employees.

Unfortunately, there’s inevitably a high attrition rate in the hoof-care industry, not only with clients coming and going from your books, but also new hoof-care professionals not getting their business off to a solid start and deciding it’s not for them.

As a hoof-care professional, you are managing client satisfaction, the unpredictable nature of the horse, as well as managing your own morale and job satisfaction.

To help navigate you through this, here are five common mistakes that I have found inhibit business growth as hoof-care professionals and lead to high attrition rates, as well as keys to avoid making them.


Lack Of Communication

Clear communication is key to maintaining low attrition rates. Part…

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Tiffany gardner

Tiffany Gardner CJF, APF-I

Tiffany Gardner, CJF, APF operates Gardners Equine farrier service in Arlington, Texas. She’s a graduate of Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School in Plymouth, Calif.

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