By American Farriers Journal

The American Farrier’s Association (AFA) became the latest equine organization to endorse the American Horse Council’s National Welfare Code of Practice

The American Horse Council drafted the Welfare Code of Practice in 2009 to establish equine welfare procedures for organizations to follow to “Put the Horse First.” It outlines in generic terms what it means for an organization to be committed to the responsible breeding, training, care, use, enjoyment, transport and retirement of horses.

“The American Farrier’s Association strongly supports the principles of the American Horse Council’s Welfare Code of Practice,” says Beth Daniels, executive director of the AFA. “Our mission statement clearly indicates the AFA’s commitment to good stewardship of the horse, and our support of the AHC Welfare Code of Practice is a natural extension of that commitment.”

The AFA becomes the 52nd organization to endorse the welfare code. The equine footcare organizations that have supported the welfare code are the American Association of Equine Practitioners, the American Association of Professional Farriers and the Canadian Association of Professional Farriers.

The code is not intended to supersede an organization’s rules or regulations, the American Horse Council says.

“Any organization’s more specific rules still govern activities sanctioned and regulated by the organization,” according to the American Horse Council. “The code is intended to compliment any such rules and restates the principles to be followed by breed registries, trade associations, various disciplines and the horse community as a whole in pursuing their equine activities.”

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