By American Farriers Journal

Queen Elizabeth’s farrier told the Farriers’ Registration Council disciplinary panel that although he’s “not a saint,” he didn’t use abusive language nor did he humiliate his 17-year-old apprentice over his dyslexia.

Joseph Hopkins, now 22, accuses Stuart Craig of forcing him to learn a new word each day or face buying the farrier and his other apprentices lunch. Craig admits he told Hopkins to pick up new words, but only to improve his language skills, according to the Daily Mail.

Hopkins also accuses Craig of calling him abusive names for a number of transgressions, including “princess” for not hitting horseshoes hard enough.

Asked by barrister Matthew Knight whether he called Hopkins names on a daily basis, Craig replied: “I’m going to say no, but it’s 4 years ago and you can’t remember what you said. I’m not a saint. I do use words from time to time, but not in the context that its being suggested here.”

Craig denied using the abusive terms “in anger” or shouting them within “a few inches” of Hopkins’ face, as the former apprenticed claims.

Craig told the hearing that polo player Ed Judge first called Hopkins “princess,” but he denies doing so himself.

The disciplinary hearing will continue.