A South Carolina farrier who was acquitted in the 2013 death of a racehorse is suing the county, a veterinarian and the horse’s owner for blaming him for the animal’s demise, according to court records.

Keith Rabon recently filed the lawsuit, which names the county, Karen Bolten, Bolten’s Myrtle Beach Equine Clinic and the horse’s owner Patricia Sylvester as defendants.

Rabon asserts in court papers that Bolten and Sylvester made defamatory statements about him to media outlets that were reporting on the horse’s death. He accuses the county of false arrest and malicious prosecution.

Bolten and Sylvester told The Sun News that Rabon’s allegations are unfounded.

The lawsuit centers on the criminal case against Rabon, who works as a farrier, a blacksmith-style craftsman who specializes in caring for horses’ hooves.

In October 2013, Rabon was contacted by Colby Sessions about a malnourished thoroughbred named Major that needed help, according to the lawsuit. Rabon agreed to nurse the 14-year-old animal back to health, as he had done with other horses.

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