1. Nothing kills a romantic mood like finding a tick on your spouse — nothing.
  2. The combined smell of burnt hooves, sweat and horse will eventually become completely normal. Take him along to town after work and enjoy how everyone gives you plenty of space.
  3. Always carry an extra pair of barn shoes or boots with you. You never know when you might have to hold a horse for him. Wearing your super cute shoes make you absolutely useless.
  4. There always will be a client who is prettier and younger than you. It’s OK. Girls like horses and they are paying your husband to do his job. Just make sure you keep him happy and coming home to you.
  5. Horsehair is very resilient. You will never be rid of it completely in your house or car.
  6. Be nice to clients on the phone. I know, sometimes it’s hard. Just remember; there may be bad clients, but there are also really good ones.
  7. Farrier clinics, competitions and meetings are lifesaving continuing education opportunities to a farrier, so encourage him to go. A break from the everyday grind and a chance to get together with other farriers to discuss ideas, learn from and just forge shoes with others can give your spouse a second wind and remind them of how much they love what they do.
  8. Epsom salts are amazing. A farrier’s muscles get sore after getting leaned on, kicked at, jerked around and stepped on by animals that often weigh over 1,200 pounds. Run your spouse a bath!
  9. The work truck will constantly be a disaster. If you want a challenge, be brave and surprise him by cleaning out the cab. But under no circumstances should you touch the tools (no matter how disorganized they may look) as they are placed in the exact spot where he wants and left them. Also, that roll of toilet paper is in there for a reason — restock it!
  10. Make him coffee if he leaves for work before you do.
  11. Late nights in the shop at the forge are normal. It’s not you — it’s him.
  12. Thoroughly check all the pockets before placing his work clothes in the wash. That little teeny tiny crumpled paper that looks like pocket lint just might be an important receipt.
  13. Resign yourself to having copies of America Farriers Journal lying all over the bathroom.
  14. Gifts are easy to select. Just go on a shopping spree at the local farrier supply store and it’s a guaranteed win.
  15. Enjoy the benefits of an incredibly strong man without the expenses of a gym membership. Those are working man muscles!
  16. Get used to strange looks when you unload several propane bottles at once to get filled at the gas station. Just tell them you really like to barbeque (it’s even more believable if you wear a cooking apron).
  17. Try to remember to fill up that big water jug for him. He can do it himself, but it’s a sweet gesture from you.
  18. Coke is not an abbreviation for the word cocaine. Coke is a solid fuel made from coal, as it makes for a cleaner fire since it has few impurities. It is very necessary when your husband has a coke forge. However, coke is extremely dirty to work with, so do not volunteer to unload or sift coke unless you are totally serious.
  19. Unless it is urgent, wait for him to call you during the day. Apparently, having his phone ring repeatedly as he is trying to get a skittish horse to leave its foot in his lap has a less than charming effect. This is especially true if you are only calling to say, “Hey Hun, how are things going?”
  20. Love him, as he works extremely hard to provide for you and your family.