By American Farriers Journal Staff

A pair of researchers say they have gathered meaningful equine gait data by using an Apple iPhone 6.

The Equine Veterinary Journal published the article, “Comparison of a Standalone Consumer Grade Smartphone to a Specialist Inertial Measurement Unit for Quantification of Movement Symmetry in the Trotting Horse,” by Thilo Pfau and Renate Weller, both equine researchers at the Royal Veterinary College in Hertfordshire, England.

Because of the increased use of specialist inertial measurement unit (IMU) devices to analyze equine gaits, particularly similar transducers that are found in consumer-grade smartphones, Pfau and Weller gathered and studied scientific data to determine whether the potential use is even.

The researchers compared data gathered from both devices that were set up to measure movement symmetry and range of motion of pelvic movement in the trotting horse.

After equipping 20 horses with both the specialist IMU and the iPhone 6, the horses were trotted in-hand and lunged on both reins on a soft arena surface.

After examining the measurement range recorded, Weller and Pfau concluded that, “The consumer-grade smartphone provided meaningful gait data in horses.”

Both Weller and Pfau will be speakers at the 2016 International Hoof-Care Summit on Feb. 2-5 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Weller will deliver the Burney Chapman Memorial Lecture presented by Life Data Labs titled, “Why Equine Bones Break And Tendons Rupture: Is It Inevitable?” She also will present, “Looking Inside The Horse’s Hoof: How Can Advanced Imaging Help Farriers?”

Pfau will present a lecture titled, “Whole Horse Biomechanics: Looking At The Race Horse.” He also will present, “Look Above The Feet: Head And Pelvic Movement Asymmetries At Trot In Riding Horses.”

Weller and Pfau will team up to discuss, “Assessing The Value of Information And Gathering Your Own Data.”

Visit the International Hoof-Care Summit webpage for the complete program.

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