If you’re an advocate of using as many American made products as you can, you may be in for a surprise when it comes to learning where all of the components came from that went into building your farrier truck.

In Tools Of The Trade, which circulates to construction professionals, David Frane pointed out that it is unlikely there ever again will be a production-line vehicle capable of carrying a “Made in the U.S.A.” label.

According to the federal American Automobile Labeling Act, all new light trucks and passenger cars must display a label containing the percentage of U.S. and Canadian content along with information citing the country of origin for components, such as engines and transmissions. The fact that Canada is included in the overall U.S. percentage number is due to U.S. automakers with plants and suppliers in Canada wanting their vehicles to appear less “foreign” to those who would prefer to buy American.

The data comes from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Remember that component sourcing varies from truck model to model and can change throughout the year’s manufacturing cycle.

When it comes to 2015 models, none of the top 10 light pickup trucks could claim more than 70% U.S. and Canadian content, as shown in the accompanying chart. While the percentages for all U.S. and Canadian produced components listed here are only for the latest model light pickup trucks, chances are good that 2015 larger capacity or earlier year model pickup trucks will have similar country of origin content.

How American Is Your Farrier Truck?
2015 Light Pickup Truck Models U.S., Canadian Made Components *
Ford F-150 70%
Toyota Tundra 70%
Chevrolet Colorado 66%
GMC Canyon 66%
Dodge Ram 61%
Toyota Tacoma 60%
Nissan Frontier 50%
Nissan Titan 50%
Chevrolet Silverado 45%
GMC Sierra 45%
* Percentage of all U.S. and Canadian components used in the manufacture of light pickpu trucks

— National Highway Traffic Safey Administration