Over the years, we’ve seen numerous examples of projects created by a number of farriers and others who like to try their hand at tackling ornamental forging and creating unique sculptures and other items out of horseshoes, nails and other foot-care related items.

As a result, we created an American Farriers Journal web-exclusive contest that will offer a glimpse of some of the unique projects put together with horseshoes, nails and old farrier tools.

Even if your submission isn't selected in the month you entered it, we will keep it on file for consideration in the month's to come so you do not need to re-submit it to us each month. You can, however, enter more than one project.

One winner will be chosen each month, with our current winner being chosen from the pool of submissions we've received over the past couple of months.

Congratulations to Jennifer Horn of Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.!

See her outstanding farrier artwork below.

If your project is recognized as an outstanding example of horseshoeing creativity, like Cornelissen's, we’ll send you a copy of the 240-page “Artistic Horseshoeing” book. Published in 1887, the book by British farrier George Rich offers a historical look at the critical aspects of anatomy, pathology and mechanical action of the foot, limb and body that are tremendous eye-openers for today’s farriers.

While the $19.95 book has a name similar to the tagline we’ve offered for this series on creating art projects with hoof-care items, it instead offers solid ideas to improve the footcare of today’s horses.

If you have a unique project you would like to share, please send photos and a brief description of the item to Michelle Drewek of the AFJ staff at mdrewek@lesspub.com along with your name, town, state and email address.