Get The Tools And Supplies You Need

You get what you pay for with high-quality tools, but you can find good tools at lower prices.

If you’ve just finished hoof-care school, no one needs to tell you about the financial commitment you’ve made to your education. You paid for your school, housing, food and more. Unless you have an apprenticeship lined-up or know several people who need farriers, it’s going to take a while to develop a business and steady income. 

Money will be tight for a while, but there is a basic set of tools you will need, whether you will be shoeing full- or part-time. The quality of your tools will largely depend on what you can afford. 

The Essential Tools

I didn’t start with the top line of tools when I went out on my own. And through my career, I’ve met more than one farrier who could drive a nail with a rock. It isn’t the tool — what’s more important is whose hands the tools are in.

Don’t get me wrong, for feel and performance, the high-quality tools are worth the price they demand. They will last a long time, which repays your investment.

Largely, it depends on what level of work you are doing — not the quality of your work, but how many and the type of horses you are working with. If you are starting out on your own and working part-time, it doesn’t make sense to invest in the best equipment. Your goal is to find reliable, professional tools that will hold up to day-to-day wear and tear. 

There is a wide middle range for tools…

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