Weight adds up quickly with all of the shoes, tools and equipment that are carried around in a farrier rig or trailer. Be sure you comply with state and federal weight standards or you could face penalties.

With all of the tools, horseshoes and equipment that farriers haul around in rigs and trailers, the weight adds up quickly. As the costs for road repairs continue to escalate, you should be aware that law enforcement could target you for potential weight violations.

"Truck and trailer weight combination is an issue that everyone should be aware of," says Neal Purdy of Finger Lakes Custom Manufacturing in Skaneateles, N.Y. "State Departments of Transportation (DOT) are really cracking down on these guys for the amount of weight they're hauling. Once you get over a certain weight, you have to apply DOT numbers to the outside of the vehicle."

To learn more about the truck size and weight standards where you live, visit your state DOT website. You also can visit the U.S. Department of Transportation website to learn more about federal regulations.

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