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This leading-edge, 40-page report offers practical approaches to dealing with laminitis – equine's most dreaded disease. About 75% of horses affected with laminitis eventually develop severe or chronic lameness, contributing to the $13 million in annual losses in North America. If you're one of the 84% of farriers who deal with laminitis concerns each month, you must have this report in your rig as an on-the-spot reference.

Laminitis: What You Need To Know shares the collected wisdom from farriers, equine veterinarians and laminitis researchers and provides you with the latest tips and techniques for dealing with laminitis concerns. Inside this report you’ll find topics such as…

  • Mechanical approaches for the treatment of laminitis
  • How Cushing’s, insulin resistance impact laminitis
  • Why heart bars work with laminitis
  • What horse owners need to know about laminitis
  • And so much more!

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