Do you want to boost your bottom line? Try posting photos of your work on Facebook.

Less than 7% of Esco Buff’s Facebook page accounted for new client referrals. Four years ago, the Webster, N.Y., farrier changed that. He received permission from his clients to post before and after images of the therapeutic cases he worked on.

A year after posting the new images, Buff’s referrals climbed 38%. His results only have improved.

“Currently, 85% of my cases are from people who get in touch with me via Facebook and follow my postings,” says the International Horseshoeing Hall Of Fame member. “Of the new cases I obtain, 63% find me via Facebook and did not know me before that.”

Buff suggests posting before and after photos, as well as X-rays. However, be sure to block out all personal information on the X-rays before posting them. He also advises farriers to view their Facebook page as an extension of their practice. Keep comments professional and answer questions.

“The cases I post,” Buff says, “offer many others hope for their own situations.”

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The top picture is a "Before" picture of the front hooves of a horse Buff tends to.

Below are the "After" pictures of the same hooves.