Both sides of the raging debate over carriage horses have their work cut out for them: a majority of the City Council is undecided about banning the rides, a Daily News poll shows.

Of the Council’s 51 members, just 13 support banning the carriages and eight oppose the ban, the poll found. But 26 members are undecided, although some of them said they are leaning one way or the other. The other four Council members declined to respond.

Rory Lancman (D-Queens) said he sees no reason to abolish the “iconic” industry.

“The horses get better health care and more vacation days than most New Yorkers, 300 drivers get to support their families with good middle-class jobs, and tourists have yet another reason to visit and spend money in the city,” Lancman said.

But Helen Rosenthal (D-Manhattan) supports the ban.

“It’s an animal rights issue for me,” Rosenthal said. “I think that in this day and age, and given other options, we don’t need to continue the practice.”

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