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"No hoof, no horse" is a phrase all responsible horse owners abide by. And in a stable of 50 horses that travel and perform in dressage shows every night, the job of a hoof-care practitioner, though unglamorous, is indispensable.

David Gingras, 34, from Quebec, is that man for Cavalia, the travelling equestrian theatre production watched by more than four million people around the world.

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Gingras's workshop, equipped with the latest machines and tools, is set up in a corner of the massive makeshift stable constructed for the new Cavalia production that will open during the Qasr Al Hosn Festival in Abu Dhabi this weekend.

The farrier does not share the limelight with the trainers who ride the horses on stage to applause, but without his meticulous grooming skills, the show cannot go on.

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