The Midwest Horseshoeing School, the Midwest’s premier school for farriery and horseshoe instruction, is proud to announce that one of their instructors, Steve Hedges, has received his Therapeutic Endorsement from the American Farriers Association (AFA).

It has taken Steve two years to achieve this endorsement and is one of only 13 others in the world that have achieved this level of recognition in the 40+ years that the AFA has been in existence. One of the few others to receive this endorsement is Steve Sermersheim who is also an instructor at Midwest Horseshoeing School.

The endorsement is a series of five vigorous tests which include a written essay examination and a display of hand built therapeutic shoes for a variety of pathologies a farrier may face. Two case studies must also be presented to a panel of AFA examiners who question the candidate after each presentation. Additionally, a 20 minute extemporaneous lecture on a topic unknown to the candidate is required. Only 15 minutes of preparation are given to the candidate and no material is allowed to prepare with; the candidate also faces questions from examiners at the conclusion of the presentation. Finally, the candidate must build an unknown therapeutic shoe from bar stock to fit a pattern foot in a fixed amount of time.

“Midwest Horseshoeing School instructors are really raising the bar when it comes to professional horseshoeing instruction,” says a representative of the school. “Another - yes another - instructor at Midwest Horseshoeing School has reached a level certification with the American Farriers Association that very few have ever achieved.”

Steve is a graduate of and instructor at Midwest Horseshoeing School. Upon graduation, Steve entered into an intense therapeutic apprenticeship under Dr. Thomas Monfort DVM and Steve Sermersheim, CJF TE, AWCF. He built a very successful multi-farrier business throughout central Illinois. Steve has received his CJF (Certified Journeyman Farrier) with the American Farrier’s Association.

Steve focuses his attention on providing quality instruction to enthusiastic students who have a serious interest in horseshoeing. Throughout the course of study Steve stresses quality rather than quantity which is enhanced through the individualized instruction provided each of his students.

Steve is also a 20+ year veteran and active member of the Illinois Air National Guard in Springfield, Illinois. In 2011 he was awarded the Rising Shoeing Star Award at the International Hoof Care Summit 2011. Steve has been awarded the 2012 and 2013 Outstanding Educator Award from the American Farrier’s Association.

“Midwest is a leader in farrier education and asks as much of its instructors as it asks of its students. By doing so, everyone wins. Our instructors become more capable and our students receive a level of education second to none,” says Steve.


The Midwest Horseshoeing School was established in 1964 because of the demand for skilled, competent, well-educated horseshoers. Through the years Midwest Horseshoeing School has met the challenge of this growing trade by continually graduating seasoned professionals.

Midwest Horseshoeing School is located just 10 miles south of Springfield Illinois, in the rich prairie region of central Illinois...the heart of the Midwest. Through the years students have come to Midwest Horseshoeing School from all over the United States to learn the trade of horseshoeing.

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