2013 was an eventful year with changes in both staff and ownership, the staff at Midwest Horseshoeing School look forward to continuing their commitment to farrier education in their 50th year in existence.

2014 marks the 50th year for Midwest Horseshoeing School and a change in ownership. Steve and Laurie Sermersheim purchased Midwest Horseshoeing School in December of 2013. Sermersheim, CJF TE, AWCF, has been involved as an instructor and partner in MHS for the last several years and will continue to bring his farriery knowledge to the MHS table. He will act as Administrator and part-time instructor at the school while continuing to operate Middle Fork Forge, a multi-farrier practice serving Central Illinois and surrounding areas.

While the foundation of the school and its philosophy will remain intact, positive changes will continue. Partner Steve Hedges, CJF TE, will stay involved in the school as Instructor and Coordination Manager. Diego Almeida, CJF, will move from Middle Fork Forge to full time Instructor. Donnie Perkinson, CJF, will also continue his role as Instructor.

Midwest Horseshoeing School has been operating in Illinois since 1964. The farrier school operated in Macomb, Illinois, for 46 years until it moved in 2010 to its present location in Divernon, Illinois just south of Springfield off I-55. The school is housed in a new building equipped with top-of-the-line equipment, a classroom with the latest technology, an outdoor pavilion, 12 gas and coke forge stations and 12 shoeing bays. Across the parking from the school sits the new dormitory with full kitchen, lounge, and separate men's and women's areas.

Sermersheim stressed that the school will keep its belief in fundamental farriery and building a strong foundation for new farriers. "We believe that it takes a strong team like ours to get students on the right track to a successful career in the business,” he says.

"Our students will know what it takes to become a good farrier. It takes a life time of learning, hard work, and dedication. We tell them the truth about the work required and involved in farriery when they visit the school."

The school has added a twenty week course to its schedule with a goal to have a year-long course in the near future.

The Midwest Horseshoeing Schoo l was established in 1964 because of the demand for skilled, competent, well-educated horseshoers. Through the years Midwest Horseshoeing School has met the challenge of this growing trade by continually graduating seasoned professionals.

Midwest Horseshoeing School is located just 10 miles south of Springfield Illinois, in the rich prairie region of central Illinois...the heart of the Midwest. Through the years students have come to Midwest Horseshoeing School from all over the United States to learn the trade of horseshoeing.

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