The sixth annual Edward Martin Perpetual Draft Horse Shoeing Competition will be held at the Nevada County Fairgrounds on Sept. 20 and 21 in Grass Valley, Calif. 

The judge and clinician for the competition is Don Davis, CJF, who started his shoeing career in 1978.

He began competing in 1986 at the US Forging Championships in Reno, Nevada. His accomplishments include five live shoeing wins, three draft live shoeing wins, Silver State Forging Challenge Open division winner, NCC Certified Journeyman Division and NCC Open Division wins.

In this event, a farrier, with the assistance of a striker/fireman will be judged on one shod foot and one specimen shoe. The competitors must use a coal forge.

A Coke forge clinic and contest on Friday will prepare farriers for the particular demands and challenges of coke forges. Davis will cover Coke fires and special requests beginning at 9 a.m.

The first 10 participants to enroll and pay will be able to use the same Coke forges and anvils used in EMP competition. Others must provide their own freestanding equipment.

The inspiration for this event is Edward Martin, the late, legendary Scottish farrier. The event is based on the format of the competition Martin held at his Closeburn shop every year. For the organizers, it is natural to base this on Martin's legacy.

"Edward was was so instrumental in educating so many farriers," says event coordinator Jean Meneley.

Proceeds of this competition will for to the Edward Martin Perpetual Scholoarship Fund. This scholarship goes to help fund the education of a student in farrier school.

Last year’s winner, Paul Papadatos of Holbrook, N.Y., used money from the scholarship to continue his education at Heartland Horseshoeing School in Lamar, Mo.

For more information, contact Meneley at (775) 233-9937 or

For more information on the competition and clinic, visit the Draft Horse Classic Web site or Facebook event page.