Farrier Product Distribution, Inc. (FPD), the leading North American distributor of supplies for the professional farrier market, recently conducted a survey of over 10,000 farriers as part of their ongoing efforts to address the needs of farriers and determine products best suited for their use.  Those farriers who completed and returned the survey were then entered into a prize drawing for a chance to win one of five different prizes. 

“We are appreciative of the farriers who took the time to complete and return this survey,” stated Dan Burke, President of FPD.  “We had an overwhelming response, and their feedback is very helpful for us and the industry, in general.  We value their expertise and opinions and will use this information to ensure we provide products that yield the best results for the farrier and the horse.”

The winners were determined by the use of a random numbering method and were awarded the following prizes:

First Prize: FPD Knife Sharpening System – 1/4 hp Buffer with 6" Sharpening Wheel and 6" Felt Wheel – $375 retail value.
Winner was Paul Eckler from Kentucky

Second Prize: 12 Boxes (250 pc) of Liberty Nails – choice of size - $225 retail value
Winner was Anthony Kipikasha from New York

Third Prize: FootPro™ Hoof Nipper – choice of size - $185 retail value
Winner was David Pedersen from Arizona

Fourth Prize: Box of Bellota Rasps – choice of Top Sharp or Classic - $140 retail value
Winner was Bill Allison from Pennsylvania

Fifth Prize: Bloom Forge Rounding Hammer - $115 retail value
Winner was Roy Binder from California

All winners have been notified and the prizes have been shipped directly to them. 

About Farrier Product Distribution, Inc.

Farrier Product Distribution (FPD) was founded in 1990 and is a wholesale distributor of farrier and related equine products.  Considered a leader in bringing groundbreaking products and service to the Farrier industry, the company distributes to suppliers throughout North America.  More information about FPD can be found at www.farrierproducts.com and www.farrierproducts.com/blog.