This cross-country jump is set up on the Greenwich or Prime Meridian.

We have an early start trot-up mid morning. We drew first, we we were at the barn by 6:30 a.m.

I’m sending some pictures of the cross-country course. This is the real deal! It’s a beautiful course. The terrain has made this a bit more complex; lots of short steep hills, tight turns and it’s close to 12 minutes long. There will be sore feet and lower legs after this one.

A jump on the cross-country course.
Team U.S.A. walks the course.
A jump resembling a blacksmith shop
The restored historic tea clipper ship, Cutty Sark, is located just a short distance away.

Pennsylvania farrier Steve Teichman has helped provide hoof care for the U.S. Olympic Equestrian Team in Sydney and Athens. While in England participating in the evaluation and selection of horses for the 2012 U.S. 3-Day Eventing team, he provided updates as the Olympics progressed. Click here to read more from Olympic Shoeing With Steve Teichman series.