In survey after survey, the vast majority of hoof-care professionals tell American Farriers Journal editors that backyard horses are an important part of their business. They also tell us that educating many of these owners on hoofcare is an important part of the job.

In “You And Your Horse’s Feet,” freelance writer and horsewoman Heather Smith-Thomas tackles an aspect of hoof care that new owners need to know about. Each column is limited to one page, so you can easily copy it and share the information with your clients.

Below is the 2013 schedule, and links to the columns as they become available. Let us know if there are other topics you’d like “You And Your Horse’s Feet” to cover in the future.

The Basics Of Hoof Care

Teaching Your Horse To Stand For The Farrier

Between Farrier Visits — Your Role As Part Of The Hoof-Care Team

The Barefoot Question

Loose Shoe And No Farrier In Sight

Hoof Supplements: Feeding The Foot

Hoof Coatings: Using Them For Better Feet

Understanding The Common Problems Of The Hoof And The Foot