December 4, 2012

Triple Crown Nutrition’s $100,000 “TLC” for the Holiday’s drive asks FB fans to first select then vote for their favorite 501(c) (3) equestrian non-profit organization at

Triple Crown Nutrition Facebook Fans are being asked to submit the name of an especially noteworthy nonprofit equine organization that may be in need of additional tender loving care, no later than December 12, 2012. Fans may select  a worthwhile nonprofit helping physically disabled children through equine  therapy, a facility that rehabilitates abandoned and abused horses, equestrian exhibition teams for financially disadvantaged youth or any other equine nonprofit that is an official 501(c)(3) organization. This special holiday donation contest is designed to help those nonprofits that have touched the lives of as many horses and people as possible.

Facebook Fans are asked to go to to see how easy it is submit the name of their favorite nonprofit. Fans will also be asked for specifics detailing why their choice deserves to win. But, time is short. The submission deadline is December 12th. Triple Crown Nutrition will then narrow the field down to the 20 most worthy candidates* (Based on submission details.) Between December 14th-19th, Facebook Fans will then have the opportunity to vote for their favorite. The Nonprofit with the most Favorites will win $14,000, second place wins $10,000, third place wins $8,000 and the remaining 17 finalists will receive individual prizes of $4,000 each. Facebook Fans are encouraged to share the news and invite their friends and family to weigh in with their favorites, too. Sharing the link is just one tender, loving, click away.

* All Equine Nonprofits tendered for consideration must be officially registered 501(c)(3) entities.