During the 2009 American Farrier’s Association Convention in Portland, Ore., in late February, Chuck Uhlir, a farrier from Waialua, Hawaii, told attendees he’s become a big believer in working with an apprentice or another farrier.

“I used to shoe 14 horses a day and I went home bent like a pretzel,” he recalls. “With a helper, I can shoe more horses with less pain and more speed. Two shoers working together can do more horses than two working separately in the same amount of time.”

Uhlir made his comments during a joint-presentation by members of the Anvil 21 Club, whose members have more than 500 years of shoeing experience among them.

Jack Millman of Worthington, Mass, another club member, shared one way he gets more out of attending clinics and competitions.

“Go with the idea of picking up little bits and pieces of information every time,” he says. “Make them your own and fit them into how you do things.”

Lee Green of Yucaipa, Calif., announced that Dave Richardson, of Washoe, Nev., is the newest member of the Anvil 21 Club, which adds one member each year.

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