A 7-page article (Pages 58 to 64) in the the December 2009 issue of American Farriers Journal sums up the hoof boot situation for both farriers and horse owners. This article points out a number of benefits for hoof boots in many situations other than just with barefoot horses. It also describes numerous pros and cons for using boots under many situations.

Additional information that was gathered from hoof-care professionals across the country for this in-depth article on boot usage is featured through links below. Click on the linked questions to get the answers to these pressing questions about hoof boots.

1. How do you decide what type or model of boot to use for different situations?

2. Have you used boot inserts or any of the glue-on shells offered with some boots?

3. Have you seen instances where boots may do more harm than good when compared to using shoes?

4. What are the keys to selecting the right boot to fit a particular hoof?

5. As a farrier, where do you buy boots and how do you effectively manage your inventory of boots? Or do your customers provide the boots?

6. Miscellaneous comments from hoof-care professionals regarding the use of hoof boots.