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Across the Pond

Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School instructor Tiffany Gardner, CJF, APF-I, shares the latest leg of her trip to England as part of the Edward Martin Cultural Exchange program, sponsored by the American Farrier's Association and the British Farriers and Blacksmiths Association. Don't miss Tiffany's 2023 International Hoof-Care Summit presentation where she will go into greater detail about what she learned.

Mullins Farrier Podcast: Connor and Ashley Sloman

In this episode of the Mullins Farrier Podcast, Connor and Ashley Sloman of Calgary, Alberta, discuss how shoeing at Spruce Meadows has shaped their private farrier practice, as well as their transition away from the show.

Farrier Education Series: Heartland Horseshoeing School

In the latest installment of the Farrier Education Series, sponsored by Victory Racing Plate Co., American Farriers Journal visits Heartland Horseshoeing School in Lamar, Mo. International Horseshoeing Hall of Famer Chris Gregory discusses his journey to becoming an educator, his focus on teaching farrier students and the state of farrier education.

Heartland Horseshoeing School

Negative Palmar Angles

Sammy Pitman, DVM, of Innovative Equine Podiatry and Veterinary Services in Collinsville, Texas, demonstrates how he manages negative palmar angles.

Preparing to Weld

Montana State University farrier Diego Almeida, CJF (EE, FE, TE), AWCF, demonstrates how he prepares to forge weld.

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