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The Weight of Laminitis

In this Facebook post from The Study of the Equine Hoof, Lindsey Field spotlights research that finds horses and ponies that gain weight are more than twice as likely to develop laminitis than if they lose or maintain their weight.

Hoof Branding

In this Facebook post from ECPAD, vets examine horses and brand their hooves during World War I.

Mullins Farrier Podcast: Mike Nale

In this episode of the Mullins Farrier Podcast, Brian Mullins, CJF, sits down with Oklahoma farrier Mike Nale, CJF.

Attention to Heels

In this YouTube video from Idaho Horseshoeing School, Riley Mickelsen, CJF, works on a 30-year-old Appaloosa with overgrown hooves and forward heel growth.

Profiles in Farrier Education: Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School

In this edition of Profiles in Farrier Education, sponsored by Victory Racing Plate Company, Bob Smith and Tiffany Gardner of Pacific Coast Horseshoeing School discuss their journeys to becoming educators, their focuses in teaching farrier students and the state of farrier education.

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