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Driving Hammer Replacement

In this Facebook video from Flatland Forge, International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame member Jim Poor demonstrates how to replace a driving hammer.

Shoeing Uncomfortable Horses

In this Facebook video from Olsen Equine, Lee Olsen, CJF, of Brock, Texas, offers a quick tip for shoeing uncomfortable horses.

Analyze Your Work

In this Facebook post from Garrett Ford, the EasyCare president shares a lesson that Wellington, Fla., farrier Curtis Burns taught him years ago.

Blacksmith Boot Camp S2, E10

In this episode of Blacksmith Boot Camp, most of the class had a rough start to their season at Heartland Horseshoeing School. Becoming a farrier here isn't easy. The standard is high. For some, it's also a frustrating end. But one thing all students agree on is that every drop of blood, sweat, and tear was worth it.

Forging Brains Podcast: Kurt Fisk & Butch Whitaker

In this episode of the Forging Brains Podcast, Kurt Fisk discusses contests, horses' feet and how he became a farrier in Bend, Ore. In addition, Butch Whitaker discusses running a farrier school while maintaining a business.

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