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Kings of America

In this Facebook post, Nigel Fennell, FWCF (Hons), shares how he built the hooves for his latest sculpture, “Kings of America.”

Why the Variance in Laminae?

In this Facebook post, Denys Antonenko, a New Jersey farrier, notes that there are more laminae in the toe than in the quarters. Why do you think this is the case?

Mullins Farrier Podcast: Abby Bunyard

In this episode of the Mullins Farrier Podcast, Brian Mullins, CJF, of Ontario, Canada, talks with Abby Bunyard, AWCF, ATF, of Dorset, England, one of the first women in the United Kingdom to qualify as a farrier. Bunyard serves as the vice president of the British Farriers and Blacksmiths Association.

Blacksmith Boot Camp: S:2 E:8

In this episode of Blacksmith Boot Camp, while it seems to be the time for Heartland Horseshoeing School students to clear a huge hurdle, Tyler is struggling. Now, he’s faced with shoeing the most difficult horse he’s encountered.

Forging Brains Podcast: Andrew Wells

In this episode of the Forging Brains Podcast, Andrew Wells, CJF, of Auburn, Ala., discusses his unusual path to becoming a successful farrier and competitor.

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