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Developing an Athletic Thoroughbred Hoof

In this Facebook post, International Horseshoeing Hall of Fame member Simon Curtis of Newmarket, England, shares a link to his open-access peer-reviewed paper, “Hoof Matters: Developing an Athletic Thoroughbred Hoof.”

Stillborn Foal Feet

In this Facebook post from The Study of the Equine Foot, Lindsey Field shared photos of the feet of a stillborn mini filly.

Blacksmith Boot Camp: S2, E7

In this episode of Blacksmith Boot Camp, the new Heartland Horseshoeing School students are making progress, but the Missouri weather is doing its best to make things uncomfortable. As if things were not already hard enough, one student does the unthinkable.

The Humble Hoof Podcast: Dr. Kate Horan

In this episode of The Humble Hoof Podcast, Dr. Kate Horan discusses her study on racehorses and how various approaches to hoof care and two different surface options affected the breakover and movement of the horses. Horan will discuss this and other topics at the International Hoof-Care Summit, Jan. 24-27, 2023, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

It’s Just a Trim

In this Facebook Reels video from Rothna Chhay, a donkey gets a trim.

Donkey Trim.jpg

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