Horse Science Anatomy Works has been sold to a group of three horse-care professionals, the company announced April 10, via Facebook. The three hoof-care professionals are Caleb Bergeleen, Jaret Pullen and Sammy Pittman.

“I am so pleased and excited to see how these talented, dedicated professionals will grow and expand Horse Science!” says former owner Allie Hayes in a comment on the Facebook post. “I hope it brings to them as much satisfaction as it has brought me for the last 30 years. Onward and upward!”

Hayes started Horse Science to create instructional models and materials for farriers and veterinarians to learn about horse anatomy. Hayes’ work has been prominently featured in the International Hoof-Care Summit for many years, during the annual Hands-On Anatomy Warm-Up roundtables, and for other portions of the conference. 

The new owners stated they will be revamping the company’s website soon. The West Boxford, Mass.-based company will also be featured in various trade shows, attended by the new owners, in coming months. Horse Science also has an Instagram page, @horsescienceanatomyworks. 

New owners Pittman and Bergeleen are both from Texas, while Pullen is from New York state. Pullen owns and operates JP Hoofworks, and Pittman manages Innovative Equine Podiatry and Veterinarian Services, PLLC. 


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