Pure Sole Hoof Mud from Pure Sole Products tackles hoof infections with ease! Completely all natural formula made from a unique, proprietary blend of herbs, essential oils, bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar. The concentrated formula is gentle yet highly effective and ideal for combating thrush, seedy toe, cracks, white line disease or simply maintaining a healthy frog and sole. It can also be used to toughen soft, tender soles and frogs even in wet conditions.

Hoof Mud can be used daily for treatment and weekly for prevention and is safe to apply under pads for weeks of therapeutic benefits plus thrush prevention. Pure Sole Hoof Mud is strong enough to keep working between farrier visits, but gentle enough to be applied without gloves and will not sting or stain skin.

A little goes a long way: pack into deep central sulcus infections or deep collateral grooves and spread a thin layer over soles while pressing into cracks and crevices. Hoof Mud won't sting, stain or harm live hoof tissue.

Learn more at www.PureSoleHoof.com.