An Indiana farrier escaped injury after the shoeing rig exploded.

The explosion severely damaged the body where the workstation was housed, cracked windows on a nearby home and dropped debris on the roof of another, the St. Joseph County Police told WSBT.

The Brownsburg, Ind., farrier, who was not identified, had left a job when the truck exploded in the 11000 block of Vistula Road near Osceola, Ind. While first responders stated they did not know what ignited the explosion, a propane forge is visible at the rear of the vehicle on the driver’s side.

While propane’s ignition temperature in air is 920-1,020 degrees Fahrenheit, flash fires can happen whenever the propane vapor contacts a heat source with a temperature greater than 900 degrees Fahrenheit.

A properly vented propane tank is essential if you store your tank in the back of your truck. The goal is to vent to the outside of the truck bed, away from any heat source.

When you have finished your forging operations, it’s a good to get into the habit of shutting off the main tank valve while the forge is running to drain fuel lines, says Hall of Fame farrier Bob Schantz. After all fuel is burned off, back the pressure off of the regulator. Finally, shut off the forge valve. By following this procedure, your regulator and fuel lines will last longer and you will be ready for your next stop. To relight the forge, turn on the main take valve and then slowly increase the pressure on the regulator to the desired forging pressure. Finally, open the fuel valve at the forge and light the forge.

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