The International Association of Professional Farriers is introducing its second step in its credentialing program — Forging-Shoes.

“Through this ‘journey,’ you’ll continue to demonstrate to horse owners, trainers, veterinarians and others in the horse industry your personal commitment to your profession,” according to the IAPF, noting that the Foundational Credential must be completed to qualify for the Forging-Shoes Credential, which has five levels. The requirements include the following.

  • Hand-forging of 30 shoes in each level. Shoes will be found in the Roy Bloom Book of Shoes (book will be provided to participants when registering for the Level One).
  • Forged shoes will be delivered to designated IAPF mediator for review and confirmation that the requirements (i.e. appropriate bar stock, size of finished shoe and appropriate nail) have been met. Lists of shoes for each level will be provided to the participant.
  • Levels must be completed in order (1 through 5).

Entrants who successfully complete each level will earns 24 IAPF continuing education credits and the following for each level.

  • Level One – Custom IAPF/Roy Bloom Signature Series 1.75 lb. rounding hammer.
  • Level Two – Custom IAPF/Roy Bloom Signature Series 2 lb. rounding hammer.
  • Level Three – Custom IAPF/Roy Bloom Signature Series 3 lb. rounding hammer.
  • Level Four – Custom IAPF/Roy Bloom Signature Series 2 lb. clipping hammer.
  • Level Five – Custom IAPF/Roy Bloom Signature Series 2 lb. cross pein hammer.
  • Special Award – Participants who complete all five levels will also receive an IAPF/Bloom Forge Signature Series 10 lb. sledge hammer.

The fee to participate for levels one through four is $350, while level five is $150.

To register, visit the IAPF website. For questions, call (859) 533-1465 or email

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