Pictured Above: Adam Wynbrandt is AAPF/IAPF's new president.

The American and International Associations of Professional Farriers (AAPF/IAPF) announced its new Board of Directors on Tuesday.  

Adam Wynbrandt of Sacramento, Calif., will serve as president of the board for a 2-year term beginning Jan. 24, 2018. Wynbrandt has shod horses internationally in addition to working as resident farrier for the University of California, Davis and co-owning The Horseshoe Barn.

Cathy Lesperance of Fergus, Ontario, will serve as vice president. Lesperance brings 30 years of experience as a farrier to the board, which she has been a member of since 2014. She has shod a wide range of horses including FEI grand prix jumpers and backyard horses.  

James Gilchrist of Wellington, Fla., returns to the board for a 3-year term as treasurer. Gilchrist has spent his career shoeing jumpers, hunters and dressage horses, and runs a multi-farrier practice in Palm Beach County.

Donnie Karr and Dr. Frank Reilly join the board for 3-year terms as new directors.

Karr, of Loomis, Calif., has dedicated hours to learning from AAPF and industry leaders. He strongly supports continuing education and member involvement.

Reilly, of West Chester, Pa., will be the first veterinarian to serve on the board. He believes that more veterinarians should belong to the AAPF/IAPF, promoting the importance of farriers and veterinarians working together for better equine health.

Dave Farley, Roy Bloom, Curtis Burns, Tim Cable and Mike Hayward are retiring from the board. Farley and Bloom acted as the most recent president and treasurer; Curtis, Cable and Hayward served on the board since 2015.