Farrier’s Formula DS Plus Joint from Life Data Labs Inc. is a pelleted formula that delivers active ingredients to repair the hooves and joints of horses, while also restoring skin condition and hair coat color. Farrier’s Formula DS Plus Joint contains ornithine, proline, glucosamine, manganese and sulfur to provide targeted joint support and repair for horses.

Even the best joint supplement for horses can lead to excessive sulfur supplementation when fed alongside a hoof supplement. Farrier’s Formula DS Plus Joint eliminates the risk of sulfur over supplementation by providing active ingredients to support the joints and the hooves in one product. The level of sulfur provided at the recommended Adult Replenishment Dosage for an average 1,000 pound horse is equivalent to 3,500 mg of MSM. Farrier’s Formula DS Plus Joint provides omega 3 fatty acids, phospholipids, zinc and copper to rebuild skin and hair coat to a healthy and vibrant condition. Farrier’s Formula DS Plus Joint is suitable for all ages and work levels.

Available in 11 lb. nitrogen flushed vacuum bags.

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