FormaHoof users can help equids in need by donating their used molds.

Consumers can return their used FormaHoof Molds, buy a new replacement from and receive another mold of their choice free. The returned mold will be cleaned, disinfected, and donated to an equine rescue centre or charity, to assist with the hoof health and rehabilitation of horses, ponies and donkeys in need.

FormaHoof’s mission is to help improve the comfort, performance and welfare of equines worldwide. Inspired by a local pony sanctuary in Waterford, Ireland, and its caretaker Carole York, FormaHoof is proud to launch the Giving Back For Good FormaHoof Mold Replace & Donate Program, to support equine rescue and charity organizations that work to help the many animals in their care.

Hoof problems are one of the biggest challenges faced in the rehabilitation of neglected and abused equines and FormaHoof can offer instant pain relief, faster rehabilitation and a brighter future for horses, ponies and donkeys that might have faced a lifetime of pain and neglect. Although FormaHoof Molds are built to last and have a long life span when cared for correctly, sometimes equine professionals and horse owners might like to replace older molds, even though they are still fully functional. The FormaHoof Mold replace and donate program gives you the opportunity to do this for free, while helping equines in need.

“We started our FormaHoof journey on 6 March with Sinbad, a little Shetland with severe chronic laminitis,” says York of Magic Pony Sanctuary. “Sinbad had been on heavy duty painkillers for 8 days prior, but we were able to stop them as soon as we applied FormaHoof. After 5 weeks, we removed his application and found he'd grown heel and gained noticeable concavity in his soles. He’s now in the third week of his second application and moving so well that he may not need another one.

“The materials required for an application of a size 2 pony costs roughly €80 ($97 U.S.) for two feet, excluding the reusable mold. While this may sound expensive, we think it’s absolutely worth it for the pain relief, the much shorter recovery time over conventional methods and the peace of mind I get from knowing the ponies are getting the treatment they need and deserve and can be comfortable all the way.”

Learn more about the FormaHoof Mold Replace & Donate Program and how to donate your mold and receive two-for-one in return by visiting or email

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