How Owners Deal with Higher Horse Keeping Costs

As the costs of keeping horses continues to increase, owners/managers are utilizing several different approaches in dealing with rising costs. Some 62% are reducing expenditures in other area of their lives in order to deal with having to spend more on their horses.

Some 27% of owners will trim expenses by participating in fewer equine competitions and 25% will find new ways to increase their current overall income. Another 20% of owners will deal with increased costs by reducing the number of horses.

— 2018 survey of 9,012 horse owners by American Horse Publications


When It Comes to Working Together, How Well Do Farriers Get Along with Veterinarians?

Relationships % of Farriers
Great, with no problems     49%
Good, but with a few problems 48%
Poor, needs improvement  2%
No relationship with area vets 1%

— 2020 American Farriers Journal Business Practices survey