The IEP Contender is a wedged rail horseshoe with a design that is maximized for wear and addition of modifications. The shape is easily changed to fit a wide range of hoof shapes. Built-in modifications include inset rails and rolled toe for leverage reduction, concaved inner rim in the toe section and onion like heel to improve interaction in soft footing. Use of this shoe in a fully rockered shape treats many common hoof problems such as thin soles, navicular syndrome, club feet, chronic laminitis and low heel.

The IEP Contender is available in five sizes and each is available in a 4- and 6-degree wedge to fine tune the mechanics relative to the pathology being treated. All sizes are available in a CNC milled version with a full heel plate that can be easily removed. A more economical drop forged version is available in size 1-4 degree and 1-6 degree without heel plate.

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