Most Part-Time Farriers Plan Ahead for Retirement

When it comes to funding their retirement years, many part-time farriers are doing a pretty good job of preparing for their non-working future. Part of this may be due to earning a paycheck and benefits, including retirement plans, from employers outside the equine field.

Among part-time farriers, 32% have set up IRA retirement funds, 32% are enrolled in company pension plans, 36% have 401K funds and 9% have other means for saving dollars for their retirement years.

Some 62% of part-time farriers started saving for retirement while in their 20s and 30s. Unfortunately, 38% of part-time farriers have not yet set up any type of retirement plans.

— 2020 American Farriers Journal Business Practices survey

Which Footcare Groups Attract Farriers as Members?

Among surveyed full-time farriers who shared farrier organization membership information, 48% are members of one or more local hoof-care groups. Some 39% are members of the American Farrier’s Association and 35% belong to the International Association of Professional Farriers (The group was renamed on January 1, 2021, from the American Association of Professional Farriers.)

Some 11% are members of the Northeast Association of Equine Practitioners, 8% are members of the World Championship Blacksmiths group and 4% are members of the Brotherhood of Working Farriers.

— 2020 American Farriers Journal Business Practices survey