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Tips for Tackling Thrush

Mike Barker of Life Data Labs discusses thrush causes, prevention and best treatment methods during a special Facebook Live event. He also examined the causes of recurring thrush, how to properly end the cycle and home remedies to avoid.


Shoeing a Racehorse

Newmarket, England, farrier Billy Mulqueen discusses his approach to shoeing a 2-year-old racehorse that has just begun to cantor in this Mustad Live video.


Battleground: Laminitis in Horses

Learn how skilled veterinarians and farriers are propelling the prevention and treatment forward for equine laminitis in this Platinum Performance podcast featuring among others International Equine Veterinarian Hall of Fame members, Drs. Stephen O' Grady and Andrew Parks.

Communicating with Horses

Anna Twinney, the founder of Reach Out to Horses, discusses the art of creating a trust-based partnership between humans and horses in this video with SureFoot Founder Wendy Murdoch


Education Opportunities

Why does certification matter? Hoof care professionals share their thoughts about the value of continuing education and the certification opportunities offered through the American Farrier’s Association.

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