The Original SoakingBoot from Giddyap replaces the water bucket for soaking hoof abscesses and other hoof maladies. It is safer than a bucket and produces less mess. The SoakingBoot has an extra wide front entry design for ease of use. Its ergonomic design stands upright when filled with water, and the double wide Velcro straps secure even after years of use.

The "stall-mat quality" rubber comfort disc gives the horse stability and peace of mind during the soaking process. The SoakingBoot is ideal for hot or cold soaks; the waterproof interior actually works as an insulator, keeping water warmer/colder longer for better healing. The Boot is made of durable thick-gauge ballistic nylon and features a 9 inch interior diameter.

Also available is the Giddyap VaporBoot, designed to work with chlorine dioxide treatments.

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