Gastric support, supplemental nutrition and fly control all in one package? It sounds too good to be true, but that’s what horse owners get with the new Purina EquiTub with ClariFly supplement. This premium, self-fed supplement combines all three benefits in one convenient form horses will love.

“Providing quality supplementation year-round keeps horses feeling good and performing in all seasons,” says Kelly Vineyard, PhD, senior nutritionist, equine technical solutions with Purina Animal Nutrition. “Purina EquiTub with ClariFly supplement is a unique product that allows horse owners to continuously provide supplemental nutrition in a convenient manner while also helping them to manage pesky flies.”

Purina EquiTub with ClariFly supplement comes in 55-pound and 125-pound tubs and is designed to be offered free choice to horses on pasture or dry lot.

3-in-1 Tub for Easy Feeding

Purina EquiTub with ClariFly supplement is a convenient and easy-to-use solution for year-round supplementation. With just one self-fed tub, horses get the nutrition they need to maintain body condition and performance (especially when forage quality is low) while also controlling fly populations and supporting gastric comfort.

This innovative product contains:

• ClariFly, a feed-through larvicide designed to help control house and stable flies by interrupting the flies’ life cycles without affecting the horse.

• Outlast supplement, part of a complete gastric health program with more than 95,000 feedings in field and research trials, is formulated to aid equine gastric comfort and help support proper pH.

• Amplify high-fat supplement to help maintain body condition, coat shine and bloom

• Other ingredients include alfalfa, rice bran and flaxseed, and cutting-edge nutritional technology to support consistent intake and nutrient delivery. Purina EquiTub with ClarifFly supplement is manufactured in an ionophore-free facility and was tested at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center and in field trials around the country.

More Exciting Products on the Way

“Purina EquiTub with ClariFly supplement is the latest nutritional innovation we’re bringing to market, but several more exciting and unique horse products are in the works for 2021,” says Robert Jacobs, PhD, equine innovation manager with Purina Animal Nutrition.

Purina is an industry leader in equine nutrition and research, a distinction highlighted by its groundbreaking Purina MQ project that involves the country’s largest equine microbiome database. The data is generated from samples collected from horses all across the nation and provides key insights into microbial populations that live in the equine digestive tract. These microbes are collectively known as the microbiome, and they directly impact a horse’s digestive function, immunity and quality of life. The Purina MQ microbiome project is expanding and continuing in 2021, with Purina launching a new website to encourage more horse owners to submit samples and be part of the cutting-edge research.

In October, Purina announced its Outlast gastric health support system is now included in all three Purina Ultium formulas, which provide steady energy to meet the demands of hard-working equine athletes.

“We combine input from horse owners with our extensive research trials at our state-of-the-art Purina Animal Nutrition Center and in field trials around the country to ensure our solutions are right for horses and the people who care for them,” Jacobs says.

For more information about the Purina EquiTub with ClariFly supplement, contact your local Purina retailer or visit the Purina EquiTub with ClariFly supplement product page.  

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