The Kerckhaert SX-10 Clipped Horseshoe, distributed by Farrier Product Distribution Inc., is an excellent choice for farriers looking for additional strength, wear, nailing and modification options. It features quarter clipped fronts and side clipped hinds. Its front pattern is a normal SX shape, and its hind pattern is similar to the DF Select shape.

The X-10 features a full, balanced toe; extra thickness and graduated widths; and patented radius quarter/side clips for easy fitting and added strength. The extended heel fit on the hind pattern allows for more support by moving the widest part of the shoe forward.

The Shoe has a 10 nail hole pattern, is 3/8 inches thick; is punched for 5 City, 5 Combo Slim and 6 Combo Slim nails and is available in sizes 1-3.

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