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A Review: Equine Lower Leg Anatomy and Arthritis

The choices farriers make when trimming and shoeing to achieve a certain result are going to have an impact on the entire equine limb and, at times, may result in unintended consequences. Understanding the anatomy of the equine limb beyond the hoof can help reduce the chances of a farrier’s action having an adverse reaction elsewhere. Review equine lower leg anatomy and learn about arthritis with this video from Equine Guelph.


Virginia Therapeutic Farriery Blog 

International Equine Veterinarian Hall of Fame member Dr. Stephen O’Grady has a new blog. The Virginia Therapeutic Farriery (VTF) Blog concentrates on sharing credible information related to farriery topics. Topics should be based on clinical papers, clinician methodology, case reports and practice tips. Farriers and veterinarians are welcome to participate, and encouraged to submit appropriate information on any aspect of farriery based on their clinical work or experience. Ideas or posts can be submitted using the contact section at Equipodiatry.com 



Shoeing Using a Heart Bar with Steve Beane

Steven Beane demonstrates how to fit a heart-bar shoe on a horse with chronic laminitis by modifying a Mustad LiBero in this Mustad Live video. He also discusses considerations for determining the length of a frog plate.


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