Augment Hoof from Adeptus Nutrition contains synergistic nutrients to enhance hoof structures. It is formulated to be fed with a balanced diet.

Augment Hoof contains key minerals for hoof health in organic or chelated form to enhance their bioavailability. These trace minerals are chelated to amino acids that are also known to enhance hoof integrity. The hoof structures also benefit from fatty acids in the diet, so both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids were added to the formula along with ample amounts of biotin.

Augment Hoof's formula contains no alfalfa meal, sugar or sources of carbohydrates. The easy to feed, palatable granular form alleviates the need for pelleting. A prebiotic base yeast culture rounds out the formula.

Augment is available in 11 and 22 pound bucket sizes.

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