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Common Hoof Morphologies

The Equine Documentalist, Yogi Sharp, is joined by Progressive Equine Services & Hoof Care Centre to discuss common hoof distortions, why they occur and what can be done about them in this videocast. The signs are widely unrecognized, Sharp says, and yet these distortions have huge implications on the whole horse. 


An Anatomy of Laminitis: Horseowner Resource

Danvers Child, CJF, provides an overview of laminitis and explains why horseowners shouldn't wait to call a veterinarian and hoof-care professional if a horse is suspected of experiencing a laminitic episode. This SmartPak video is a nice resources to share with clients and horseowners


Hoof Wall Thickness and Its Effect on Function

English farrier Daniel Bennett, AWCF, talks to researcher Simon Moore FWCF about the research he did for his fellowship dissertation on hoof wall thickness and its effect on function. This is one in a series of discussions in Bennett's podcast "Lockdown Farrier Learning."

Daniel Bennett


Managing Flat Feet and Thin Soles

New Market, England, farrier Billy Mulqueen discusses how he approaches a flat-footed racehorse that over the course of the season has become thin-soled and sore in this Mustad Live presentation.


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