This page lists material that supplements the April issue of American Farriers Journal.

Keys for Success When Using Direct Glue, page 12

COVID-19 Coverage

The Benefits of a Balanced Diet, page 24

6-Step Microbial Infection Protocol Focuses on Long-term Hoof Health, page 28

Pads and Packing Make a Difference in the Ring, page 32

12 Points of Reference in Trimming, page 36

Sole Searching for a Better Trim, page 38

Review the previous five installments of the Equine Reciprocating System by Deb Bennett

Reflections on a 45-Year Shoeing Career, page 50

  • Read “25-Year Shoer!” in which we ride along with Paul Melcher in a “Shoeing for a Living” day. 

Improve and Maintain Hoof Quality through Moisture Regulation, page 53

Pads and Pour-ins Offer a Variety of Therapeutic Shoeing Options, page 56